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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dark Light: An anthology of Horror fiction to support those in need.

I don't usually do this. In fact, I've never done this before on my blog, but the reasoning to do so was the right reasons.

Dark Light is an anthology of Horror fiction edited by Carl Hose where ALL the proceeds go to charity. It releases today in both ebook and trade paperback. In celebration of this wonderful anthology I have the honour of interviewing Mr. Hose about the project and hosting a giveaway of a signed (by Mr. Hose) copy of Dark Light to one lucky person.

Karen: Hi, Carl, thanks for coming onto my blog to discuss your newly released anthology, "Dark Light." Can you tell us what inspired you to create this anthology?

Carl: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out, Karen. It means a lot.
My daughter Ireland was born six weeks premature and had to spend three weeks in NICU. To be with her, my wife, Marcee, and I would have had to travel. We were fully prepared to sleep in the NICU, but one of the nurses insisted we check into one of the three Ronald McDonald Houses on the premises. That in itself was an interesting experience, which I detailed in the introduction to "Dark Light." Anyway, RMH provided us with what amounted to a pretty nice hotel room, three meals a day, all prepared by volunteers, and access to the kitchen any time we wanted. They also had a playground and welcomed visits from our family and friends whenever we wanted. It's just amazing what the organization does year round.

 One night, while catching a breather in the room at RMH before our daughter's next feeding, I told my wife I wanted to do something to pay back RMH for all they were doing for us and what they do for other families all the time. The idea for the anthology seemed obvious. I knew I couldn't do it on my own, however, so that night I began contacting all the writers on my Facebook page – some of the biggest names in the horror genre – and I asked for a story. Almost none of them said no. There was no time between asking for a story and receiving it. I also got a few stories from writers who saw the call for submissions on Darkest Markets.

 The title "Dark Light" seemed fitting for horror writers writing for a good cause. I started asking for submissions in early February and the book will be out June 20th. There are 42 writers and 44 stories. It's huge and there is such a range of horror themes included. I think readers are going to dig it.

Karen: Why, specifically, did you choose to have the anthology in the horror genre? One would think, from your experiences, a more uplifting genre would have been preferable.

Carl: That's a good question, and a lot of the writers actually submitted stories with horror themes they felt were more acceptable to the cause, but I write horror, as do the writers I contacted. I didn't believe we needed to write sunshine and happy endings just because we were writing for a great charity. The truth is, I think it says a lot that writers who are traditionally known for dark thoughts came together
so quickly and gave so much of their time to answer a call to support RMH. Many of these writers didn't even know me, but they came on board without hesitation. That's positive regardless of the content of the anthology. Horror writers have kids and families as well, and they can care as deeply as anyone. Besides, when a rock band supports a charity, they don't play classical because it's proper – they play loud rock 'n' roll.

Karen: So true! The Horror genre is very broad in its definition, or what one can find in it, what types of horror stories can be found in “Dark Light” that will titillate readers?

Carl: There is a broad range of stories in the horror genre, you're right about that. And that just about tells you what you will find in "Dark Light." With the number of writers, both established and fairly new, and their varying styles, there will definitely be something for just about everyone. The stories range from traditional horror themes to serial killers, from ghosts to demons, with some humor and experimental stuff thrown on. The range is huge, but the book has a really even feel to it. Readers should not only enjoy reading some of their favorite authors, but will hopefully find others they will enjoy in the process.

Karen: That’s really great information. Thanks! I know that you mentioned earlier that you are a writer, is “Dark Light” your first foray into editing, especially that of an anthology?

Carl: I've edited a lot of novels and anthologies, both professionally and as favors to friends. This is my first time acting in the capacity of publisher and editor. Editing is simple and straightforward, but
giving birth to an anthology is a different animal altogether. Getting submissions, reading them, rejecting some, editing what remains, getting proofs out to the authors, coordinating the contractual stuff, formatting the book, making sure I didn't forget anybody and that I spelled all the names correctly -- that stuff can get overwhelming. Writing is much easier for me.

Karen: What, in the whole process of creating “Dark Light,” have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of the endeavour?

Carl: Seeing the generosity of the writers is the most rewarding aspect. I can remember where I was when each of these writers got in touch to say they would do the anthology. I heard back from almost every one of them before my daughter was even out of the hospital. Walking around in a daze between RMH and the hospital, I'd check my Facebook on my phone and find a "Yes, I'd be happy to help out, here's a story."

Other than that, the most rewarding aspect has been pulling it together so quickly. This is a huge book -- nearly six hundred pages -- and to have it conceived and ready to release in just four months is an awesome feeling. All of the writers in this book should be commended for having acted on everything quickly to allow me to move at this pace. I didn't want this to be one of those anthologies it takes a year to get out. There's no need for that, and because everyone cooperated so well, the pieces fell together.

Karen: “Dark Light” sounds like it’s packed with many amazing and wonderful stories, and since the proceeds are going to a great cause, where can a reader pick up a copy? Will “Dark Light” be available in both print and ebook formats?

Carl: The book will be available in all digital formats, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony Reader Store, and Kobo. It will also be available in print at Amazon, some online stores, and a few brick and mortar stores. I tried for the widest possible distribution. My website,  will have complete information, or people can find me on Facebook and add me as a friend. From there, you can check out the Dark Light Facebook page. The book will roll out on or before June 20th. I'm excited about it. I love the stories and hope readers will too.

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