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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Polaris23 Last Day

What an amazingly awesome time I had this weekend. It was exhausting and I swear my face is sore from all the smiling and laughing I did.

I met a lot of wonderful folks at Polaris this year and I want to thank my Marketing Goddess, my Tech/Sales God and my Publicity/Web Goddess for making it the success that it was. I could not have done it with out them. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Today I was let off my leash a couple of times to go and check out the other dealers and do two interviews. One visual and one audio. Once I know when and where they are posted on the 'net I will repost them here and let everyone know about them. That's 4 interviews in two days!

I want to thank the folks of
Polaris for doing such an amazing job running the convention. All your folk were friendly and helpful. I'm so going to come back next year. Hopefully you'll have me back as a Guest again.:)

I also got a chance to talk with the folks of Ad Astra2010 and I'm going to be contacting them about being a guest there too. I was even asked to be a guest at a con in Rochester, NY, in November, but I think I may have to pass on that as I'm hoping to be in D.C. for a week in the middle of October. I met fans A Polaris from D.C. and when I told them I would be coming down to their neck of the woods they were thrilled. They're (hopefully) going to help me contact an independent bookstore down there so I can possibly do a book signing/event. Cross fingers.

My Tech/Sales God set a number to be our success number for books sold at Polaris and we went over it. For all of you who didn't get a book you can order it from my website if you want a numbered and signed edition. If you're in the US carries my book.:)

Next stop is
FanExpo where I'm appearing. After that is Word On the Street in Toronto. After that is still in the works!


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