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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review for Ricardo Pinto's "The Standing Dead"

Review: The Standing Dead: Book Two of the Stone Dance of the Chameleon  by Ricardo Pinto (5 Stars)

Ricardo Pinto does it again! I’ve read this book before and reading it again proved how much incredible detail of the visual spectacle that sends Carnelian from the luxuriously cruel lands of his people into the barbaric world where the slaves are tithed. It is there that his gentle and caring heart binds him to the Ocher, a tribe that lives in the Earthsky. To save the people he has come to love he must find his way out of the machinations of his former lover, Osidian, who was banished with him.

An excellent installment to The Standing Dead that has left me aching to read what happens in the next book.

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