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Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Twilight Changed My Life

Don’t look so shocked.

Oh, and close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I will, firstly, admit that I am not a fan of the series, but I have come to respect the impact it has had on readers and the vampire and paranormal genres.

When my first two Vampire novels, “Changeling” and “Angel of Death,” came out in a limited edition volume in 2009 “Twilight” had already been in the theaters and was heading towards DVD/BlueRay release. My adult Vampire series, “The Chosen Chronicles,” hit the cresting wave of paranormal romance and vampire fiction.

My husband believed it was kismet. My publisher believed it fortuitous.

I was dropped in a quagmire of conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Since I found myself to be placed on Vampire panels with very well known Vampire authors, some of them New York Times Best Selling authors, at different conventions, I discovered how much of an impact “Twilight” had. I was also expected to have an opinion on the matter, too. (Oh, no I’ve never been on a panel discussion with Ms. Meyer.)

At first, “Twilight” dominated many of these panels. Vampire and paranormal fiction fans would always ask “Are your books like ‘Twilight?’”

When I was first asked this, I was stunned. How was I to compare my books to Ms. Meyer’s? I didn’t know how to answer. I’d hum and haw until they’d become direct.

“Do your Vampires sparkle?”

“No, “ I’d reply.

A smile would appear from the individual, usually accompanied by a positive response.

Spurred on, I’d continue, “My Vampires bite.”

The smile would widen. They’d buy my books.

Initially, I was surprised at the huge love/hate polarization vampire and paranormal fans held for “Twilight.” I’m sorry to say that I fell, for a time, on the hate side of the line.

Time continued, I was a guest at more conventions, speaking to more fans of the genre. It wasn’t until the summer before my book “Shadow of Death” came out that I started experiencing a shift of thought and feeing towards the “Twilight” franchise.

This came about as an increasing number of young women, who grew up on “Twilight,” wanted something more. They wanted something adult they could sink their teeth into. They wanted to read more vampire/paranormal fiction, but geared to the adults they were quickly becoming. Many found my series, “The Chosen Chronicles.”

I’ve never loved the “Twilight” series, and yes, I’ve read all four books, but now I have a healthy respect for it. What J.K. Rowling did with “Harry Potter” by reviving fantasy fiction through the introduction of something new and directed at young minds, Stephanie Meyer’s did for the Vampire and paranormal genres. She created a new fan base, introducing new readers to a revived genre, and allowed Vampire and paranormal authors, such as myself, an opportunity for success. If it weren’t for “Twilight,” many of us would never have been published.

For these reasons “Twilight” changed my life.

Thank you, Ms. Meyer.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Karen. I feel the same way as your readers had, I love/hate the Twilight series and also wanted something more, but it was YA. I think the books were great and am a big fan but was annoyed that the vampires were more fairy like. The diretors of the movies have tried to make them something Stephanie didn't create and that's why I don't like the movies, they should have kept them light and funny like the books. But it's great to hear that your vampires "bite" and all the success you're having with your books! Wishing you luck and even more success on your writing career! xoxox

  2. Karen~

    I loved this post and wanted to share how the Twilight Sage changed my life...

    I'd never been a big reader, always said, "I'll wait for the movie," lol. After having surgery and being on a 2-week bed-rest, (and being poked and prodded to read Twilight forever), I decided to give it a try.

    I loved the series, and of course, I've watched and enjoyed the movies. I agree completely that Ms. Meyer's changed the way the world views Vampires, and I love how she brought it to a level understanding that our younger generation can relate to. And all without the gore, horror and other negative things people have always associated with Vampires.

    If it weren't for the Twilight Saga, I wouldn't have become an avid reader, nor would I have even contemplated writing. I owe much to Ms. Meyers.

    I don't write about Vampires, but reading her series took me down the path to many other authors and series' which ultimately aided in my own character creations.

    I've enjoyed reading and writing more than anything else I've ever done. Again, none of it would have happened without Ms. Meyers...

    Thank you for sharing your story, congrats on your own success, and best wishes for more in the future. I just got you on my Kindle last week and I can't wait to read your awesome-sounding series!


  3. Love this post. It is wonderful to see the insight of how something that you may not even like can work in a positive manner in your own life. Fantastic.

  4. I have to agree. Stephanie Meyers opened the door wide for not only the resurgence of popularity for the vampire and paranormal genre, but also flinging it wide open by breaking from the traditional vampire. This inspires me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, to create whatever "rules" suit my story (as long as you stick to those rules). Much as I despised her sparkly vampires for so long, she broke the ground that I now trod. :) Thank you for the post.

  5. The post is great and the blog sound quite interesting.

  6. Very good point, Karen. I think I'm like you. A healthy respect sounds like a good place to be. That wasn't always the case with me, but I completely agree and am striving to do better with that.


  7. I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight. On the one hand, if it had not been for those books, I wouldn't have started writing again. On the other hand, vampires do not sparkle, nor should they EVER lol... Love the post!

  8. Ditto on nearly every word, Karen. I was quoted as having a similar opinion in an article that originally appeared in print back in late 2009. That article is posted here; and as you can see, I experienced huge reservations... yet developed huge respect.

    Funny how it also inspired me to do what I do. Thanks for sharing this article with me via twitter. And continued success to you!