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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Wishings

For some strange reason I’ve been having a difficult time with the idea that I’m now a year older. Never before have had I felt anxiety around my birthday. This year has sent me thinking about the reasons.

I’m not going to say how old I am, but suffice it to say, I’m older than most of all my friends, and some of them by more than a decade. It is said that by hanging around with a younger crowd it will keep one young. This is true, but it can also make one feel older. It’s amazing how life experience can age you, especially when you’re more in line with some of your friend’s parents, by age, than your friends.
I think another aspect to my birthday anxiety is that a part of me wishes I have accomplished more by this age. Maybe I’m I’m going through a mid-life crisis. Who knows? I do know that, rationally, I’ve done very well for myself as an author, mother, wife and friend. I guess it’s normal to refect on what could be better and find ways to achieve that.

One major reason, I’ve come to realize, and respect, is that I am at the age my mother was when she started having serious heart problems that resulted in her having a quad-bypass when I was fourteen. Yes, she was young. I know that I’m concerned that history will repeat itself with me despite the fact that I try and live healthily. I guess it’s a matter of wait and see.

I haven’t asked my friends and family for gifts this year, and nor do I expect them. I have enough stuff in my house, though one can never have enough books, ebook or dead tree.:)

There’s only one thing more that I would like for my birthday: To touch more folks with my writing, whether that be through my blog, twitter, facebook and/or my novels, and for those whom I have touched to let me know by emailing me and/or posting reviews of my novels.

If these things were to happen, along with all the great things that have already occurred so far, then I know that this year’s birthday will be the best!


Karen Dales
Award Winning Author

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  1. ƸӜƷ scm So I will look at blogs above and leave a signature ƸӜƷ scm ( ( Karen I will add this one to the blog. let me know what you think of this; so everyone can said hi like twitter. crazy right? and also post to message to my children 2 fantasy escapism page on facebook then everyone can support each other; To wish you a very happy birthday ( : > from sue catherine

  2. Hay you young kid. Keep in mind you could have been one of my students when I went through my first incarnation as a swim instructor. You still have a ways to go. We all regret what we haven't done but hind sight is never 20 20 the domino effect sees to that. Enjoy yourself and remember no matter how old you are this broken down old coger will still be older than you are. ;-) Also remember, "Old age and trechery will beat youth and skill every time." We know all the tricks and aren't afraid to use them.

  3. Cheers to you, Karen! I hope your day was special, no matter what number it may be now. I'm turning 43 this March and I'm okay with that. I guess I do have trouble when I realize that I will be 7 years from 50, which sounds equally dreadful and somehow a mistake in arithmetic. *laughs* On the other hand, so many of the musicians that I listen to are a decade or two beyond that number that it can't be all that bad.