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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interview with The Angel of Death

About a month ago I set up a question for my fans as to which character from my award winning series, The Chosen Chronicles, they would like to see interviewed. It didn’t take long to see that the Angel was the one most everyone wanted.

I then opened the floor to my fans so that they could ask the interview questions. Out of those posted on my Facebook Fan Page, and here on my blog, 20 questions were picked. Out of those who posted questions, one lucky person will win a Chibi Chosen of the Angel The name of the winner will be revealed at the end of the interview.

So here we go!

For many of you, The Chosen Chronicles, featuring the main character of The Angel, has given you many answers and many questions about the Angel and the story as a whole. Today, I’m interviewing the Angel.

1 - Okay, we were all there when you and Tarian met and fell for each other, and we were around while the Good Father took you away, so I guess I’m curious to know: When, why, and how long were you back in that area? Were there any living relatives or villagers who knew or recognized you, as Gwyn or the Angel, while you fell in love with Tarian’s granddaughter? If so, how did that all go down? – Ressa Empbra Author

The Angel:  I did not realize what my feelings were with Tarian until I was told that Notus and I were leaving. It is hard to let go of the people you care about, but I am grateful for the first lesson. Notus and I never returned to that village. When we returned to that region, the village was no more. We never return to a place while there are those who could remember us still there. Questions about our longevity would be detrimental to our existence.

As to Tarian’s granddaughter, that is a very hard question to answer. We met elsewhere than Geraint’s village, in different circumstances. I don’t think either one of us expected to fall in love with each other as she was promised to another man for political reasons. Needless to say, to the victor goes the spoils and history is that which is written by those who are victorious. It is true with her and our brief time together. One only needs to look in mythology to see who she was and what happened, though my perspective of what occurred is very different to what historians wrote down.

2 - If you were given the choice of being chosen would you have said yes? – Stephanie Buzzell

The Angel:  Yes. Most definitely. Being Chosen opened up my life and illuminated the night so that I could live again.

3 - When you think of yourself, what name do you think of? – Shannon Neprily

The Angel: Jeanie asked me something similar the first night we were truly together. As to what name I think myself to be...I don’t. I am who I am. If people need to apply names to me, then they do. I have been called so many things and so many names, that after all these centuries they are all me and I am all them, good and bad.

4 - If you could go back and change one thing about your past, what would it be? – Danielle Williams

The Angel: There are so many things one can regret over such an extensive lifetime. I’m not immune to such things, but for me, I would have forced Jeanie to stay at Bridget’s while Fernando, Bridget and I confronted Katherine. Had I known what would have befallen her—and I should have known better—I would have tied her up so that she would not have come. Because of that, I am solely to blame as to what happened to Jeanie. It is a regret I will never be free from.

5. - If you had one single wish, what would you wish for? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: To have tied Jeanie to that bed that night so long ago. Had I done so, my life would have been happier because we would be together.

6 - Do you think you are blessed or cursed and why? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: I believe that everyone goes through times where they believe they are living a blessed or cursed life. Being Chosen has definitely been a blessing, but how that has changed me to become the Angel of Death is something I consider a curse. I do not enjoy taking the lives of others. I do it because it is sometimes a necessity, and at other times it is a requirement. Relieving your friends of their lives is extraordinarily difficult, but being able to save someone from being harmed balances it out. We all have a role to play in this world, mine is that of the Angel.

7 - Angel of Death, do you try to remain neutral in the fight between good and evil? Lenore Wolfe

The Angel: I’m going to tell you a bit of truth. You may not like it. You may revile me because of it. There is no ‘good’ or ‘evil.’ It is all a matter of perspective. What one person calls evil, another calls good, and visa versa. I am not here to judge. I have been in the employ of what some may call an evil person, while to him and his followers, he was great. It is what history writes of those deeds and persons, and we all know that history is written by the victors.

I do not try and take sides, but Notus is always there to guide and be a sounding board so that I do not lose my perspective on what I believe to be right and wrong.

When we were in Palestine, with Richard the Lion Heart, I did things that, to many, were horrific, but to my employer, they were grand. Even Notus was drawn into the righteousness of the cause. It was only after I was wounded that perspective returned to him, but was it because of what happened to me, or was it that he regained a new perspective on the war? You would have to ask him.

8 - What do you like about the night? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: Everything. It is quiet, even in this day and age in comparison to a city’s daytime bustle. It contains beauty that most mortals fail to see and it holds mysteries that hide in shadows. There is life in the dark. More than most could ever imagine.

If you’ve ever been to a jungle, you notice the sounds, but at night, the place truly comes alive.

9 - What is your religious belief? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: The woman who raised me taught me one way of living in harmony with the earth and things of the spirit. Notus tried to convince me to follow his religion. I have met individuals of every religion on this planet. One thing that I know is that none of them are more correct than the other. Each is a path leading to the same place, if one is true to their path. I am not a religious person, but I understand and respect things of the spirit.

10 - How do you choose your next victim? Linda Rendell-Hayes

The Angel:  I do not kill if it is not required. Those that I feed from are ones who are down on their luck, street people if you will. Prostitutes, mostly, depending on the circumstances and where I am. If I come upon a criminal in the middle of the act, I will feed off of him. In the times of the Black Death, I did not need to feed on such persons. Too many cried out for a painless death. Notus and I gave it to them. I will only kill if it is absolutely necessary.

11 - What is one word that describes you and why? : ] Minahil Jaay

The Angel: Enigma, because to those around me, close and afar, question what I am, even though I have been accepted as Chosen. Also, because I still question who I am, even after all these centuries.

12 - If you could go back and finish living your life alone in your cave after everything you've been through, would you do it? Shannon Neprily

The Angel: No, I would not. I realized that, despite everything I’ve been through, there are good people in the world who do not judge me by my appearance alone, but by my character as an individual. Notus was always one of those, and it is for him and friends like him that keeps me out of that cave, even though there are many times I wish I could still retreat to it.

13 - If you had the power to change/redo one significant moment ... which would it be and why? Moira Hawthorne Copeland

The Angel: I’ve answered a similar question earlier in this interview, but this question is slightly different. For that, I’ll answer this. That one particular moment would be when I was a child in that grove. Instead of staying to watch Eira, her sister and cousins, I would immediately leave. I believe I possibly would be a different person today if I had left. Regardless, I don’t regret what happened that day because I am who I am now because of it and many other experiences.

14 - What would you idea vacation spot be? And why? Stephanie Buzzell

The Angel: I’ve been around the world many times and seen many things. I have my favourites, home being one, but a place to get away from everything would be somewhere north and in the wilderness. In this modern age there is less and less untouched nature, and it is that which I miss and enjoy when I am out in it.

15 - Are you and Fernando Friends? or just someone you get along when needed be? Sarah Kalaitzidis

The Angel: At first it was a relationship of convenience in our mutual effort to find out who was poisoning the Chosen’s food supply and get back what Katherine took from us. I did not go in expecting to be partnered, but Fernando was persuasive. I also knew that it was better to work together than separately. There was never any love lost between us. I knew he had an agenda that went beyond the obvious, but in the end he proved himself honourable.

Are we friends? As much as we can be. I think if it weren’t for Bridget, we wouldn’t be. I know that I can trust Fernando now, and that counts for a lot.

16 - Do you have any bad habits? If yes, what are they? Minahil Jaay

The Angel: You would have to ask Notus about that. I’m sure I do. Everybody does. As to what they are, ask Notus.

17. What constitutes an innocent person, to you? And what is unforgivable? – Shannon Neprily

The Angel: A child is innocent. Innocence is relative and dependent upon one’s sense of right and wrong. But in general terms, most people are innocent about many things.

As to what is unforgiveable, someone who knowingly, and with full intent, does something to someone/something to cause irrevocable harm to that person/thing. Notice I didn’t say hurt, and I wish to point out that harm is a matter of perspective as well.

18. If you were able to, would want to have children? Minahil Jaay

The Angel:  I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. Having children is an incredible responsibility. I don’t know if I could do it.

19. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Notus? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: Notus can appear to be very simple, but he isn’t. He cares—a lot. Because of that, he feels things very deeply. Sometimes too deeply and this causes him grief. He is a very compassionate man who has great difficulty in dealing the hurts that this world puts on him, me or others he cares about.

20. What do you love most about Jeanie? Rebeeyah E. Miguel Iglesias

The Angel: Her spirit. She is passionate and will fight for who she cares for. It is this inner fire that draws me to her. She doesn’t back down, even when she should. If there is something she wants, she will fight to get it. I think if it hadn’t been for this we wouldn’t have been together. She instigated our relationship, and I’m happy she did.

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Sarah Kalaitzidis is the winner of the Chibi Chosen of the Angel! Congratulations!


  1. Awesome interview, Karen! And thanks, Angel, for answering our questions! :D


  2. thanks for answering my questions and the questions of others. this was really awesome. I've in the past sent random letters in the mail to people from my characters just for fun more than anything, but I think your method is far better because it really does give people the answers that they need and fills in any 'need to know more's' before your next book comes out, which I truly hope is soon, because I'm dying to read it!
    this was beautifully done and satisfies my withdrawal symptoms from your books for a little while ;)