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Friday, March 9, 2012

Karma In Action

I have to share this story with you. I really do.

A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I wanted to go to a seminar to learn about Mastermind groups. It sounded interesting even though there was no description of the seminar. In fact, looking back on it, my gut said I should go. Unfortunately, I couldn't because the start time was prohibitive to me. I emailed them, indicating my interest and my inability to attend on that day and time.

A few days before the seminar was to proceed I recieved another email, this one informing me that the date and time of the Mastermind seminar had been rescheduled. Wonderfully enough it landed on a day and time that I could go. I signed up, still following my intuition. Still having NO clue as to what Mastermind was.

The day of the Mastermind seminar came. It was a blustery day that begged me to stay home. Again I felt the urge to show up.

I entered the room and felt a familiarization with the presenter of the seminar. I didn't know why or where this feeling came from. I shrugged it off.

As the presenter started the seminar with each one of us introducing ourselves, he promptly turned to me and said, "I was thinking of you yesterday. I owe you money."

WHAT?????? I was stunned. Now I was trying to figure out who the heck this person was. Yes, he seemed familiar, but I still couldn't place him. It was at the break, when he gave me money that it all came together. He used to be my Shiatsu client!

About 10 years ago, when I was still working full time as a Shiatsu Therapist out of my home, he used to come to me on a regular basis. He was also having a lot of hard times then, as well. Because of that, he bounced a cheque with me. I had tried to reach him, but never saw hide nor hair of him again. I shrugged the whole incident off.

In a weird confluence, our paths had crossed again at this seminar. He was leading it (a new career for him) and he was surprised to have had the thought of me the day before and how he owed me for the bounced cheque. This was ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO!

It was wild. At the break he gave me the money and said that he felt a great relief, as though his Karmic debt to me was now fulfilled.

I had followed my gut to go to this seminar. The Universe conspired to make sure I would be there. Never before had I experienced such a tangible effect of Karma on my life. If I ever had doubt before, I don't anymore.


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