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Karen Dales is the Award Winning Author of "The Chosen Chronicles" which include "Changeling: Prelude to the Chosen Chronicles," "Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen Chronicles," and "Shadow of Death: Book Two of the Chosen Chronicles." She is currently at work on "Thanatos: Book Three of the Chosen Chronicles" and a Historical Romance set in Edo Japan.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's over.

I can't believe this weekend is over.

It feels as though it never really was a weekend, but, alas, I am back to the job that pays the bills tomorrow morning.

This weekend marks the amazingly successful shooting of three fantastic commericals for the upcoming release of my novel, Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen.

I MUST thank Irith, my Marketing Goddess. She's the one that came up with and organized Saturday's shoot. She rocks and I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life. She arranged for Tiffany, Thalia and Bronwen as three of our actresses for the two shoots on Saturday. Thank you to these three lovely young women for coming out and helping!

A MONSTROUSLY huge thank you to Evan of WAVStudios for doing all the filming and most of the set up for both Saturday and Sunday's shoot. He's also the one who wrote and directed the third commercial that was shot today, Sunday. He also arranged to have Lazlo and Robin for that shoot. I can't wait to see the results.

Another HUGE thank you goes to Lazlo and his girlfriend, Willow, for coming to Toronto from Ottawa to help out with the shoot. You are such wonderfully kind folks. Especially Willow for standing in as one of the actors who didn't show for Saturday's shoot. I know it was last minute and completely unexpected, but THANK YOU! I can't wait to see the two of you again at Kaleidoscope Gathering this year.

Now I have to wait to see what WAVStudio's does with the footage and everything. Evan figures he'll be able to get them all done in about the time my book is released. This is great because next month there will be two more commercial shoots for the book. Irith is, again, the mistress of marketing magic and is doing the stuff she does so well. I can't believe her well of creativity. She has probably two more to do after that as well!

So keep an eye on here and everywhere 'cause when they are released on the internet you're just going to love them!

Karen Dales
"Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen"
Release - End of May 2009

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