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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ups and Downs

It's been a while since I last posted and I can't believe that it's been only a week. It feels like a month!

Update on my book -
It looks like because I have a book fair already booked for June my publisher has agreed with me to press forward towards printing a little faster than they expected. Had we gone with their original time line I wouldn't have had books for the fair. At this rate it looks like I will. Please cross your fingers!

I am currently booked (sorry for the pun) for three events: the Toronto Small Press Book Fair, Kaleidoscope Gathering, and the FanExpo Canada. I am currently waiting to hear back as to whether I'll be at Anticipation: the 67th World Science Fiction Convention. Please cross your fingers! I really want to go to that! If I do, then that will be at least four events booked for this year alone. It'll take me into the end of summer at which point I'll probably have to start looking for more events to go to for the fall and winter.:)

Update on life -
Last Thursday evening I had my family (sans my sister and her hubby) and my inlaws over for dinner. I stupidly volunteered and tho everyone had a great time I was still dealing with the exhaustion of the week previous of getting "AoD" closer to production. Sunday was dinner at my mother-in-law's. That coupled with a weekend of lots and lots of socializing, meetings with my Marketing Goddess, my Publicity Goddess and my Tech God, I was burned out.

So here comes a week of work. I'm burnt out. I have no desire to step foot into the office. I am so in need of a mental health month. And then on Monday night, right after work, my step-mum calls to let me know that my Aunt finally passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. OY! I go to call my boss and let him know I will not be in this Friday to work because of the funeral. He was fine with it, completely understandible. The only person I know I'm going to have an issue with about it is the Dr. I work for on Friday since the other secretary won't work for him. I'm expecting a more than 'interesting' day with him tomorrow.

So, if you believe in any higher power, please send me good thoughts/prayers/wishes, so that I can survive the week.

OH CRAP>>> This weekend is the commercial shoots for my book. least I don't have to be there.:)

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