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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This week, even tho it's only half over, has been a crazy ride that I know will only get better.

It all started on Sunday evening when three friends of mine came over for dinner and a discussion. It was a good discussion. They volunteered their amazing abilities to help me promote my soon to be released novel
'Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen'

That night my marketing/publicity team laid out an amazing plan of action that left my head swimming and my energy levels bouncing. They were talking about things that took me a while to understand the true scope of what they are about to do. Thus, I ended up having a sleepless night.

I went to work bouncing around doing my job. That evening we went out to our monthly get together/networking group where Sunday night's energy was still with me. Two of my marketing team were there and were ready for my eventual crash (which came at about 10:30pm and insisted I self medicate with caffeine to make sure I drove home in one piece. They are great folks!

Then on Tuesday night was another meeting! My marketing team leader (who is a freaking genius!) met with my husband and I for another dinner and discussion. This time for the video aspects of promotions. My husband is a videographer/music producer/graphics god. They came up with some incredible ideas.

This afternoon, my hubby is putting out a casting call while my team leader lays out story boards! We're all meeting again this Saturday and I'm really stoked!

When I asked what I'm supposed to do, I was told by my team leader to "continue writing and networking". If this keeps up I may be forced to get a blackberry (much to the overjoyment of my computer/viral marketing/publicity dude.:)

Gods, I've been blessed with great friends!

After the first run is all sold out, I'm taking them all out for dinner to celebrate!

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